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Arshi Computer Product Information Page
Card Time Attendance & Access Control
TA Card Readers Express
  Product ID TR510EF
  Brand Promag
  Warranty 3 Months
  TA Card Readers Express Barcode Ethernet Infra Red
2 Cable RJ45
2 Magnetic Card
Display Panel
Wall Mount Hook
Adapter 9V 500mA
Weight 954gm


  • Ethernet interface connected to Ethernet hub
  • Works on a standard TCP/IP network
  • Bright, high-contrast blue LED display shows time of day, last 4 digits of the ID-code and error messages
  • Approximately 8200 records storage capacity
  • Convenient Machine Number setup feature using IN and OUT buttons simplifies multi-terminal installation
  • Built-in Ring relay for external ring (bell) control
  • Daily bell schedule of up to 32 different entries
  • Built-in Barcode card reader
  • Two buttons for clocking IN and OUT

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