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Arshi Computer Product Information Page
Communication & Server Racks
Rack (FSC) Free Standing with Cable Management
  Product ID RFCSR6132UGG
  Brand BL
  Warranty None
  Economical Rack Standard Frame Free Standing simple Cable Management 32u W*600 x D*1000 x H*1625mm 18Guage with Fix & Sliding Tray
1 Fix Tray
1 Sliding Tray


  • BL Free Standing Cable Management Rack 32u W*600 x D*1000mm Constructed in Welded Steel Low Level Cable Management
  • 19" Rack Mount
  • Removable Front (Rear) toughened glass 2 plate door with lock
  • Removable side panels with locks for protection
  • Removable perforated / vented back door with lock
  • Quick release door pins
  • Top cover with ( 4/6 ) mounting holes for cooling fan
  • Top & Bottom large cable access
  • Bottom level flat directly keeps equipment. No need for extra tray.
  • One sliding tray for keyboard & 1 fixed trays for server & Monitor.
  • Adjustable feet Leveling Position & castor (Wheel)
  • Adjustable mounting profile (U channel)
  • SPCC cold rolled steel
  • Degreased, Washed with acid,Phosphor treatment
  • Powder Coated Grey Color ( Black Optional)
  • Frame 18G (1.2mm), Mounting profile 18G (1.2mm), others 19-20G
    (0.9 to 1.0mm) & Glass 5mm
  • U height position markers for accurate equipment positioning (Optional)
  • Fan Filter (Optional)

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